Prof. Dr. Eckart Liebau

born in 1949 in Walchensee, Germany. Married with Anke Liebau, two children, four grandchildren. 1967 – 1974 academic studies of pedagogy, sociology, political science and history at Goettingen and Muenchen. 1974 – 1987 diverse scientific pedagogical projects (Universities of Goettingen, Kassel, Hamburg, Tuebingen). 1979 promotion/doctorate (Goettingen) in pedagogy. 1987 habilitation/state doctorate (Hamburg) in Pedagogy. 1988 – 1992 Heisenberg-Scholarship of the DFG (Award of the German Research Foundation) (University of Tuebingen). 1992 chair of dedagogy at the Institute of Education, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. 2010 UNESCO-Chair in Arts and Culture in Education, University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. 2013 Chairman of the Council for Cultural Education (initiated by Stiftung Mercator, in cooperation with six German foundations). Key acitivities in research, teaching and development: arts and culture in Education, general education, school pedagogy, theatre in education.