Welcome to the International Network for Research in Arts Education (INRAE)

INRAE’s Mission Statement

The mission of the International Network for Research in Arts Education is to promote high quality international research in arts education (formal non formal and informal), to conduct research on the implementation of UNESCO’s “Seoul Agenda: Goals for the development of arts education”, and to serve as a forum for the dissemination of research, the promotion of debates around quality research, and the showcasing of exemplary practices.

INRAE’s Steering Committee

INRAE was founded as one of the outcomes of the international conference on "International Monitoring and Comparative Research in Arts Education" in Wildbad Kreuth May 2011. Members of the Steering Committee are:

  • Emily Akuno, Kenya
  • Ralph Buck, New Zealand
  • Liane Hentschke, Brazil
  • Samuel Leong, Hong Kong
  • Eckart Liebau, Germany
  • Chee Hoo Lum, Singapore


  • Larry O´Farrell, Canada
  • Aud Berggraf Sæbø, Norway
  • Shifra Schonmann, Israel
  • Ernst Wagner, Germany
  • Gloria Patricia Zapata Restrepo, Colombia


INRAE’s Partners:
  • WAAE

  • Honorary Member:
  • Max Wyman, Canada